Please note that I will not be accepting instructions on new matters from Monday 22 November 2010 until further notice.

My career as a patent attorney began in 1998, when I joined W P Thompson & Co in Liverpool, UK, as a technical assistant. After a number of years I moved to Mathys & Squire, a London firm, where I obtained registration as a European Patent Attorney.

In 2004, I moved to Australia to work with Shelston IP in Sydney. While with this firm, I qualified for registration as an Australian Patent Attorney and as a New Zealand Patent Attorney.

I have considerable experience in the provision of patent services, including:

  • drafting specifications
  • conducting searching for prior art and infringement risk purposes
  • prosecuting international patent applications and national applications in key jurisdictions around the world
  • advising on infringement and validity matters and
  • consulting on portfolio management issues with reference to clients' particular commercial aims and budgets
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